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“BLESSED” – The solo project of Cockney Rejects bass player Tony Van Frater

Tony Van Frater, together with his cousin Tom Spencer (on Bass) and Paul Jackson (on Vocals) formed the band ‘Van Frater’

The album hosts some of our closest friends on drums and keyboards along with guests, Mick Geggus (who performs lead vocals on Wait a While) and Steve “Cast Iron” Smith (who wrote the lyrics for The Longest Road).

Tony decided to call the album “Blessed” as this was how he felt about growing up in the 70’s where so many musicians had influenced him. Tragically on 29th October 2015 Tony passed away.

There will be a ‘limited’ number of hard copy albums available, giving fans an opportunity to own a piece of the history that is ‘Tony Van Frater’

For more details, release dates and pre-order, click here

Tony Van Frater (1964 – 2015)




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